iMi organic is an amazing brand that helps alleviate many skin issues, and further, it gives the added benefit of beautiful soft touchable skin, glowing with radiance, all in an organic base.


Our Skincare line is different, as we do not use any water in our products what so ever.          

This gives us the ability to focus on our organic grassroots, whereby we have incorporated the highest quality, all natural plant-based ingredients, allowing us to eliminate the requirements for preservatives and chemicals, providing you with a highly concentrated product and extremely long shelf life. We stand for a cruelty-free living and a vegan lifestyle. From what you wear and eat, to how you think and feel. We thrive knowing our customer’s value and appreciate our socially responsible choices. we will always feel good using natural anti-oxidant enriched components that actually heal and enhance the health of the skin.


Our products and philosophy do not except nor promote the use of any animal by-product.